Came in from Chicago to the Quad Cities to get out the caucus and it was a fantastic experience 10/10 would recommend
  1. A woman in her 70s who used to be a school teacher and is very concerned about the language republicans use when talking about their opponents.
    She's only missed one caucus in her life and it was because she was taking care of her mother who was ill at the time. Her daughter is driving her tomorrow, and she said she loves to caucus because it builds up the community ❤️
  2. A man in his 60's who kept thanking me for coming out
    He said he's a regular caucus goer who used to go out and knock on doors like me. He also said he knows this year is a scary year but he also remembers when they had to defeat Nixon, so. They're all scary years.
  3. A couple in their 80's who were caucusing and ALSO donating to planned parenthood
    They wanted to talk about all the things and it was great
  4. A man driving around with a small dog in his lap
    He pulled up to thank me for volunteering, asked if I was a dem, said THANK GOD, and then proceeded to do the same thing with a Bernie volunteer down the street. The dog was wearing a vest.