Inspired by @stars
  1. 5. Zayn
    I know how to hold a grudge and I'm not here for your sassy shade tweets about how now you're making real music I DONT CARE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE be nice (also Louis is my #1 and you left and broke his lil best friend heart)
  2. 4. Liam
    Nice and cute and nice voice, but also seems like that dude in your English class in high school that kept saying offensive shit but not realizing why it's offensive? Which is maybe excusable in a small town but not when ya got as much access to the world as Liam does
  3. 3. Niall
    TOO good for this world. Drama free. A little Irish ball of sunshine. The only reason he's not number one is because I'm emotionally damaged and seek drama in my men. It's not you its me, little Irish prince.
  4. 2. Harry
    A wonderful baby Mick Jagger saint. I live for you wearing flared floral pants and nail polish on TV. WHATS A GENDER NORM? YOURE THE BOYBANDER THE WORLD NEEDS.
  5. 1. Louis
    Apparently Louis is a controversial fave and idk why he spent like a quarter of his net worth THROWING A PRINCESS BALL FOR TERMINALLY ILL KIDS LIKE A LEGIT PRINCESS BALL and like also have you seen his face