Rom coms are the healthiest addiction I have
  1. They're better when they're British
    Love Actually, Bridget Jones, About a Boy, etc etc
  2. Hugh Grant is King
    It's just always Hugh or John Cusack I don't make the rules people
  3. Real love involves being able to list seemingly random qualities about someone that make you happy
    Thanks, "When Harry Met Sally." I love that Meg Ryan gets cold when it's 71 degrees out, too.
  4. Always change for someone but make a point to say you'll never change for anyone
    It's like playing hard to get before your big reveal, like the end of Grease, except hopefully yours doesn't involve leather pants
  5. If you want to find love you need a sidekick
    Because what is a rom com conflict without a slightly less attractive friend to discuss it with over coffee whilst walking through Central Park
  6. Dudes hang out at book stores
    This is Mecca for single eligible bachelors, they literally can't get enough of books and they're too old school for an Amazon Prime subscription