1. Let's harken back to a simpler time: Summer 2013
    I was about to be a senior in college. I had heard of One Direction, of course, but didn't know any of their songs, or their names or anything. I had probably made fun of them in passing before.
  2. But apparently I knew their faces, subliminally.
  3. That's right.
  4. I had a sex dream about One Direction.
  5. Yep. ALL OF THEM.
  6. Like, I didn't ask for this?
  7. I then proceeded to google them, watch their episodes of the X factor, and become a bonafide fan.
  8. In retrospect, it was the "One Way Or Another" music video that did me in
    They were just normal guys! And such adorable friends!
  9. Also In retrospect, I have a soft spot for boy bands and should've seen this coming
    My sister and I are backstreet boys superfans and I've seen them in concert, as an adult, multiple times. I watched this whole season of dancing with the stars just because Nick Carter was on it.
  10. Now that I know and love 1D, I no longer view them sexually. Just like fun, vocally talented British babies who I would maybe like to knit scarves for.
  11. But sex dreams should be a new marketing tool cause damn that shit worked