Anxiety is fun
  1. The time I was late to work once 2 and a half years ago and cried
  2. Whether or not anyone will ever love me because I do eat a lot of potatoes and really like boy bands too much for an adult relationship scenario, ya know?
  3. I really need to get an oil change, why do I keep putting off an oil change?
  4. I may be paying way too much for rent. I am almost definitely paying way too much for rent.
  5. Am I drinking enough water? I think I drink less water since moving to LA, maybe it's some kind of subconscious drought guilt.
  6. Does Joss Whedon know how grateful we all are for Buffy? I know the Avengers gets a lot of hype but like C'MON.
  7. Am I getting out and being social enough? I'm just really tired a lot due to work. Maybe I should take more vitamins. Adult women take vitamins.
  8. How do you know when you're an adult?
  9. Do I WANT to be an adult?
  10. When will I succeed in making Malia Obama my best friend?
  11. California is probably going to fall victim to a massive earthquake that cracks us off the rest of America and we will all slip into the ocean and die