I grew up with not a lot of $$ and it wasn't until my rich college boyfriend pointed it out to me that I realized not everyone ate canned cheese
  1. Lunchables
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    Full disclosure I still eat the pizza ones as an adult, but the lunch meat ones are literally SHINY THE MEAT GLISTENS RAINBOW COLORS
  2. E-Z cheese
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    Sometimes on crackers, sometimes directly from the can into my mouth. It was always a special day when my mom sprayed cheese directly into her mouth.
  3. Hostess Fruit Pies
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    These things are literally like 3000 calories per pie
  4. Taco Bell for normal mealtimes
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    It wasn't until very recently that I realized dollar tacos are mainly hangover food, not just normal dinner on a Tuesday with your whole family
  5. Plastic wrap chicken Kiev
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    I can't think about this one too much, because I don't want to know what kind of actual (fake?) meat this is