Growing up, my dad (with best intentions) raised my sister and I to be tomboys, so I always felt a little bad about the girly stuff I kind of secretly liked. Even into high school, internalized misogyny had me like super proud of loving baseball and Star Wars and hiding my interest in typically "girl" things. NO LONGER.
  1. Taylor Swift
    This is a big one. I have been a huge fan of hers from the "Tim McGraw" days, but this fell into the category of "things my dad and guy friends wouldn't care about," so I rarely discussed it. Now I sleep with a Taylor swift blanket and drink from a Taylor swift mug and had Taylor swift themed birthday party last year. This list item also applies to all other categorically "girly" music.
  2. Makeup
    I ADORE MAKEUP. I love buying it, I love putting it on, I love watching YouTube tutorials about it. Back in the day I never wore it because I just "didn't care" and was all fake aloof. Now I (unwisely) own $36 mascara.
  3. Romantic Comedies
    Don't get me wrong, still love Star Wars, but when given the option to watch a movie now I am finally secure enough in myself to say "I WANNA WATCH SOMETHING WITH HUGH GRANT WHERE THEY KISS AT THE END."
  4. Dresses and all manner of nice clothing
    From birth until about age 15 I pretty much lived in a softball jersey and shorts. Now I'm the person my cousins go to for fashion advice and it feels really nice 💓
  5. Selfies
    Okay, so selfies weren't really a thing when I was growing up, but they're one of the biggest vestiges of internalized misogyny I see in my girl peers. Girls are always putting other girls down for posting too many selfies and being "full of themselves." POST ALL THE SELFIES, USE A BEYONCE QUOTE AS THE CAPTION, AND LOVE YOUR DAMN SELF.