I'm going through arguably the worst Crohn's disease flare of my life right now. These are the things that make that suck less.
  1. Pudding
    The chocolate vanilla swirl kind is my life blood
  2. Books
    Currently Year of Yes by @shondarhimes
  3. Romantic comedies
    Yesterday's was Shakespeare in Love. Day before that was Definitely, Maybe.
  4. Fun socks
    Specifically the fuzzy kind
  5. All manner of hair and makeup
    Being sick all the time can make you feel really gross and lazy. Doing a hair mask yesterday made me feel like a gross and lazy MODEL, which is better.
  6. Friends who let you vent
    Some people seem bothered and uncomfortable when you talk about chronic illness. The knee jerk response seems to be "feel better soon!" To which the sad answer is that I kind of can't. This is why friends who let you complain about your achey joints or steroid-induced insomnia are the best kind.
  7. The Internet
    I don't know a lot of other people IRL who are suffering from an autoimmune disease, so internet communities are super helpful.