Currently on meds that mean I never sleep so I'm SO TIRED AND SO PRODUCTIVE HI
  1. A face mask
    This morning I did a nice honey peel situation at around 3:42 AM and had a grand time peeling it off like lizard skin plus now my face is so soft
  2. Write a speech
    Last week I woke up at 2 am and got on tumblr, only to see video of Taylor Swift's maid of honor speech posted. I then proceeded to write 2/3 of a speech for my best friend's wedding, which is not until July 2017 but early birds and worms amirite?
  3. Play with a cat
    Great snugglers 10/10 would recommend
  4. Watch CNN
    There is literally always something happening and I swear my insomnia is the reason I am more politically informed than 90% of humans this year
  5. Take up a new hobby
    All things I have researched while I can't sleep: cross stitching, juicing, floral arrangement