Just a girl, standing in front of a cross country move, asking LA to be as wonderful as Chicago.
  1. When I get snapchats from friends of weird people on the CTA
    If you had told me whilst living in Chicago that I would one day miss public transit and it's weird inhabitants, I would have thought you were crazy. And maybe you are! But I still miss city buses.
  2. When I think about Christmastime.
    State street decorated with ribbons and lights and giant horns. The German Christmas market and potato pancakes and kids in mittens. ITS 72 DEGREES IN LA TODAY it doesn't feel like the holidays one bit.
  3. When my friends sing karaoke to the Spice Girls while I am 2000 miles away.
    Friendship never ends, y'all. Even if I am far as fuck away.
  4. When I think about hot dogs. Or pizza.
    Or getting Chicago Bagel Authority on my walk to work. Or 16 hour long booze brunches at Cheesie's where we ate our weight in grilled cheese and got the bartender to play Lily Allen.
  5. When I pay my rent in LA.
    SERIOUSLY. WITH THIS KIND OF MONEY I COULD HAVE 2 APARTMENTS IN CHICAGO. TWO. (Or maybe just one in Lincoln Park but still.)
  6. When I am stuck in LA traffic. Or go through a drive through. Or have to stop for gas.
    Everything about driving everywhere reminds me of the peaceful contentedness of walking/train commutes, where you could stop and sit in a park. Or make a detour to the lake. Or just sit in a pile of crunchy leaves, which I have been known to do.
  7. When I remember why I came to LA in the first place.
    Because I wanted (rather NEEDED) to try something new. Because I wanted to be closer to my dream job. Because like, there are reasons and I can't just ignore them when I miss my city. But it's easy to sometimes, isn't it?
  8. When I am having a bad night and all I want to do is go sit on my best friends' roof and look at the skyline.
    I miss the way Chicago makes you feel big and small, all at once.