1. The Santa Clause is a classic film where Tim Allen turns into Santa by accidentally killing the original Santa, kinda like how one becomes a Sith Lord
    I need not make a list about why the original Santa Clause movie is great because if you don't already know that you're a lost cause I'm sorry
  2. They made a sequel
    But tbh I cannot for the life of me remember what happens in the Santa Clause 2 (apparently abc family doesn't care either tho cause they're skipping it)
  3. Then they made a THIRD Santa Clause
    This one incorporates a bunch of other random mythical figures that tbh no one cares about (like Father Time)
  4. I will admit it is not an award winning film
  5. But I love it so much and I always will
  6. I was a freshman in high school when it came out
    Me and my elementary school best friends had started to grow apart a little bit, as you do when you suddenly go to school with 3000 new people and you all do different extra curriculars and you're just 14 and life is weird
  7. But we randomly decided after months of barely hanging out that we would go see the Santa Clause 3 together
    One of those high school random movie choices where nothing good is out but you just want popcorn so you pick a sequel's sequel
  8. Our moms all dropped us off and it was only a little awkward to all be together again
    I was wearing flannel pajama pants and a hand me down Abercrombie shirt, as you do in 2006
  9. Afterwards we had a sleepover
    It felt like no time had passed and no awkwardness had developed at all. It felt like it didn't matter that Sarah was on the dance team and Kelsey was in band and Natalie was in soccer and I was a cheerleader and Nora was in French club and Elise was in a cool older crowd that went to shows. We were just best friends, and that was enough to have in common.
  10. If it hadn't have been for that day, and laughing at a mildly silly movie together, I think we would have drifted even further, to a place you can't come back from
    Because that's what kids do
  11. But instead, we've now been best friends for 13+ years
    They got me through my parents divorce, my panic disorder and depression, my first really shitty relationship, having an autoimmune disease, and just the monotony of daily life. Nothing has ever felt boring with them. They are my soulmates.
  12. So thanks, Santa Clause 3
  13. You're worth more than you know 💓