List inspired by the list of @sesealyah
  1. Malia Obama
    Please see my list re: the many reasons I want her to be my best friend
  2. Mindy Kaling
    Because @mindy has very good taste in clothing and maybe we could share cape coats
  3. Barbara Stanwyck
    Back from the dead to be a badass and tell stories about Cary Grant
  4. Maude Apatow
    The queen of teens so she could keep me hip~
  5. Gina Rodriguez
    Because I imagine she'd give a really good reassuring speech to boost my confidence on days I need it
  6. Hillary Clinton
    I want her to teach me how to 1) nab a man like bill whilst simultaneously 2) becoming a badass political figure in her own right #havingitall #andapantsuit
  7. Chrissy Teigen
    She would bring the cooking and the sarcasm and the cute dogs to the inevitable friend squad barbecues we would throw
  8. The members of Little Mix
    If they are half as amusing in real life as they are in their Instagram videos, I want to get drunk with them like yesterday. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE GIRL BANDS.
  9. Blue Ivy Carter
    Gotta get the next generation of Beyonce on my good side now before she becomes the Queen of America
  10. Keough Novak
    @keonovak for Iive tweeting and building our squad brand
  11. Nicki Minaj
    THE QUEEN HERSELF. Anyone who posts that many selfies is someone whose confidence I need in my life.