Annoying things that kids/douche bags/try hards say now.
  1. Basic bitch- Mostly girls saying this. I don't get it, especially because they seem to say it about themselves a lot?
  2. Amazeballs- Just stupid
  3. Bae- Doesn't really make sense as it doesn't seem to be short for baby which was my first instinct. Weird.
  4. Ratchet- Just the sound of the word seems to make it appropriate but it's still horrible and makes you cringe.
  5. Turnt/ turnt up- I don't understand this one either. I'm aware that I might not be cool but I just don't think we need this one.
  6. No chill- Actually kind of funny in certain circumstances but is still stupid almost all the time.
  7. Or nah- Just a dumb way of saying 'Or not', that really isn't funny so why bother?
  8. Squad (as in squad goals etc) 😞- Possibly the most annoying one. Can't stand hearing this shit. Instagram hoes mainly.
  9. AF- In the written form on Twitter I guess I understand it but it's spilled over into speech now which is absurd and rounds out my list nicely.