I just finished! Watching one depressed man go from his highest highs to his lowest lows has been my favorite Netflix binge so far. Dankest medical show out there.
  1. Season 6 : Episode 4 - "The Tyrant"
    In one of the most intense episodes of the show, the team treats an African dictator. Holy shit
  2. Season 4 : Episode 1 - "Alone"
    When an office building collapses, House actually starts to care about a patient.
  3. Season 2 : Episode 17 - "All In"
    The symptoms of a little boy makes House drop everything and run.
  4. Season 2 : Episode 16 - "Safe"
    Girl with almost no immune system has a severe allergic reaction, House offends everyone.
  5. Season 8, Episode 18: Body & Soul
    House treats a young boy who's dreams are killing him.
  6. Season 2 : Episode 6 - "Spin"
    House hates a cyclist.
  7. Season 2 : Episode 7 - "Hunting"
    House is wrongly accused of assaulting a man.
  8. Season 2 : Episode 13 - "Skin Deep"
    Teenage supermodel is treated by House and his team, resulting in one of the best twists of the show.
  9. Season 8, Episode 17 : We Need the Eggs
    House treat a guy who has a sex doll for a girlfriend