2015 was a pretty okay year overall. In 2016 I'll be drunk a lot more.
  1. Drove to Portland, Oregon
    and then checked it off my bucket list
  2. Finally saw all the Star Wars including the new one
    I wasted 21 years of my life
  3. Eating at Good Neighbor Pizza in Portland
    2010 me was so happy
  4. Discovering Halsey/Seeing Halsey in concert/Touching Halsey's hand
    On a scale of 1 to Bologna, I fell in love with her so fucking fast. BADLANDS Forever
  5. Finally seeing a Quentin Tarantino movie in theaters
    To be fair, I also saw Django in theaters but my mom paid for my ticket and had to vouch for me. It was an uncomfortable experience.
  6. Getting a lemon tattoo in a fairly visible place
  7. Meeting Kurtis Conner (& all MY fans)
    Kurtis Connor, Kurtis Connor, give me Kurtis Connor. Lots of HSM jokes, which I live for.
  8. Turning 21
    May seem kind of dumb because turning a year older is sort of inevitable but I'm so proud to be at this point in life. Also- BaRsS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Drove a Motorcycle for the first time
    FINALLY wasn't on the back with an uncle/friend/my dad. 4 year old me is SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Moving on officially from my ex boyfriend
    Everything is temporary 🙂
  11. Watching Scream Queens
    This was a huge part of my year. The build up + the red devil killer + my undying love for Emma Roberts + NiCk joNAS!!
  12. Buying a record player
    It's not a hobby, it's a life style.
  13. Being apart of a family Halloween costume
    Really starting to feel like one of the guys
  14. Getting Cassandra to watch Sherlock AND Supernatural
    Finally Sam, Dean and Charlie have their Cass
  15. Getting a zoo pass
    It paid for itself very quickly. I've lived in SLC 21 years and never had a zoo pass and finally I feel like a local.
  16. Hiking in the summer time
    I've always wanted to do this but was always busy dancing in the summer. Getting to know the canyons was so enjoyable🔸