Pretty straight forward
  1. Tindersaidwhat
    Here I would post REAL LIFE ridiculous bios real humans on tinder made. I still think this should have taken off. Also that name is perfect. Come on. Number of tweets: about 40. Number of followers: 8.
  2. HannahHorvath
    After Girls started getting popular, people would endlessly tell me I was a real life Hannah Horvath. So I thought a parody account would be perfect - somewhere to post my own spontaneous diatribes whenever they strike. It was not a hit. I still get emails suggesting people I should follow and popular in my network. The gift that keeps on giving. Sorry, Lena Dunham. Follower/tweet count: honestly this one was such a bust I couldn't find it on Twitter anymore.
  3. BasicBitchBible
    Here I posted tweets I thought were witty anecdotes of what I believe went on in the basic bitch's mind. Really on point material like "get me a diet coke IV, STAT!" And pre-1989 Taylor Swift song lyrics. Sorry Taylor Swift. Number of tweets: 11. Number of followers: 0. I still stand by this material.