Closing my eyes and choosing to make this shit legit (unless it's a screen shot mocking someone and said someone may see and take offense)
  1. Bed time rules I made for a kid
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  2. No caption necessary.
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  3. A picture from a social story book. Teaches kids how to be good listeners. This girl would rather sing than listen to the other kid's lame story. Me too, sister.
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  4. Gus. He wears a compression vest to keep him calm. It absolutely does not work.
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  5. Post haircut selfie because, at my core, I am a basic white bitch.
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    You can't see it but that sweatshirt has my monogram on it. 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻
  6. This is picture 6 and I very purposely chose this picture but it's my most favorite. Use it every pay day $$$
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