(And brief synopses when applicable)
  1. Lizzie McGuire
    Synopses: There were more Lizzie McGuire fanfics than I can remember. They all ended in Lizzie and Gordo mackin it, of course. Is it weird that when I made my friends act them out (and yes, I made my friends act them out) I always wanted to be Gordo? My God, did Lizzie and Gordo make me feel all the feelings...
  2. Jimmy Neutron
    Synopsis: I think one of the kids got cancer. And Jimmy and Cindy made out, of course. Not in the least bit sadistic.
  3. Kim Possible
    Synopsis: Kim makes it on an American Idol-esque show for kids. Her boyfriend Ron has to stay behind and watch her become a pop star sensation, and hope he can still measure up as a lover and a friend. Humble brag: this fan fic got a LOT of stellar reviews. Unfortunately I could not deliver. I let it die after one chapter.
  4. House
    Synopsis: I remember nothing except that Chase and Cameron made out. Which was really important to me because I loved Chase and wanted to be Cameron. Still pissed they broke them up... This was one of my more mature pieces.
  5. More pending as I force my brain to remember the horror.