And one not from Twitter.
  1. Mindy Kaling
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    @mindy favorited my tweet once. It was wonderful. Unfortunately she'll never know what I look like as she has only seen me represented as a young Arya Stark. I was at book con for you, girl!
  2. The guy who plays Charlie from B613 on Scandal
    Homeboy randomly followed me. Don't hate it.
  3. The guy from the ATT commercials and Other Space
    I tweeted my appreciation for both the comedy masterpiece that is Other Space and Dave Franco's face. He favorited it.
  4. The lady who played the alien wife on the short lived sitcom "The Neighbors"
    I tweeted that I thought the show was wildly underrated and she tweeted me back telling me she agreed.
  5. Chipotle
    Responded to my tweet inquiring why they do not have a rewards program. They politely informed me that introducing a rewards card would increase the price of your standard burrito. I completely understand. Thanks, Chipotle.
  6. Crate and Barrel
    I one time tweeted a complaint about all the emails I get from Crate and Barrell and how I am not interested because I am not a 60 year old woman. They tweeted me back apologizing and with instructions on how to unsubscribe from their email list (which I probably never did).
  7. The majority of the news anchors on channel 6 action news in Philadelphia
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    This tweet was pretty bomb.
  8. Chad from Million Dollar Listing
    I tweeted something rude about him. No hashtag or tagging. He tweeted back with "nothing but love."
  9. Waze
    Responded to my tweet inquiring what happened to Samantha (the voice that gave the directions from the beginning of the app's time). Told me that Samantha had been retired and asked me how I liked the new girl Jane. I responded that I'm not a big fan and that my opinion should matter because I am a King Wazer. In other news, I'm a dick.
  10. Kellie Pickler
    She follows me. Idk why.
  11. This guy I have a huge crush on.
  12. A conversation with my dad made it on When Parents Text!!!!
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