1. Early 2000s Disney channel original movies
  2. Hot guys who have been on jeopardy
  3. Names of types of cancers
    Also symptoms of cancers, mortality rates of cancers, basically a hypochondriac's dream category
  4. Popular fanfiction websites
  5. AOL chat room etiquette in the late 20th century
  6. Facts about Homer Hickam
  7. Sad Jesse Pinkman
  8. Foreshadowing in popular TV shows and movies
  9. Sitcom first kisses
    And meet cutes
  10. How many hours of sleep you can get based on the time you fall asleep and the time you have to get up
  11. The Right Stuff movie
    Im really not that into aviation
  12. The GOT/ASOIAF Category they had last week!
    Suggested by @e