I may be omitting some because they were so useless I can't even remember them
  1. The Spectator
    Nate and the Spectator storyline was so useless I can't even begin to describe the reasons why. I have no words. And his future involves working there?! At least he has a private plane. Also, he hooked up with British boss, right?
  2. Raina Thorpe
    More like Raina Who-Fucking-Cares. So what we know about her: Chuck pretended to love her to protect his hotel, ended up actually loving her, had a dad that used to bang Lily van der Woodsen, who may or may not have set his wife on fire. Or something? Bye Felicia.
  3. Hilary Duff
    Think back to Hilary Duff's "super star trying to be a normal teen" stint at NYU, where she falls for Dan and shoots a movie about Space or something. Stupid. Also, she had a threesome with Dan and Vanessa. I can not fathom neither Lonely Boy nor Lizzie McGuire having a threesome. Maybe Vanessa though... Also, what happened to her?!
  4. Ivy/Charlie
    So we did get to learn there are people in Serena's family even more fucked up than Serena, and that was nice, but let's reflect for a second. What plot development did Ivy bring to the show?! And why did she stay in NY? And what was with that boyfriend and didn't she temporarily make out with a Baldwin?
  5. Nate and that little girl Sage
  6. Nate and Serena
  7. Nate and Vanessa
  8. Nate and that Mom
  9. Pretty much Nate and everything/everyone
    Didn't his dad go to jail? Ugh. The god damn spectator man... Also wasn't he really good at sports or something?
  10. All of their failed college careers
    So much build up for the college life... How would Blair survive NYU?! Should Dan go to Yale? Serena will defer? Rufus went to Rutgers? Then it all just.... Stops.
  11. The Dowry
    Like, come the fuck on...
  12. Something that had to do with horses and oil
    I can't provide a picture or make a remark because I cannot remember for the life of me what made this shit relevant.
  13. Serena and the teacher "rapist"
    They dated?! Really?! Why did we dig up this loser from the past for an incredibly boring plot point? Although, it was nice to see Lilly on house arrest. This is also when I learned what the word affidavit meant, so thanks guys!
  14. Serena went on a film internship and dated some guy or something?
    Possibly where she met Sage's dad?
  15. Lilly gets back with the Baldwin
    Final scene of series finale we see Lilly with the Baldwin guy who is Serena's dad or whatever. Lilly and Rufus were the only stable relationship on that damn show and they break them up and Lilly gets back with the guy who did something fucked up involving pretending someone had cancer or something.
  16. More to come...
    I have plenty more, but unfortunately I have to go adult now. Don't think I forgot about Eric's drug dealer days!