Because what else is a good binge watch for?
  1. The Monica/Phoebe Massage Conundrum
    In "The One Where Rosita Dies" (season 7) Phoebe comments that she's only given 2 massages and the people were crappy tippers. Monica says that she gave those massages to Monica and Ross. In "The One With the Secret Closet" (season 8) Phoebe walks in on Monica getting a massage from someone else and is mad because she claims Monica told her that she hates massages which is why she never let Phoebe give her one.
  2. The Apartment Numbers
    In the first few episodes of friends, Rachel and Monica live in Apartment 5 and Joey and Chandler are in Apartment 4. This quickly switches to living in apartment 20 and 19, respectively.
  3. Their Ages
    Don't even get me started on the ages. Google this yourself if you're curious because I just can't. I will leave you with this... Ross separately mentions being 29 in seasons 3, 4 and 5.
  4. Phoebe and her Dad
    Phoebe frequently mentions that her dad left before she was born, but in the episode where Frank Buffay shows up, he talks about how he sang to her when she was a little girl.
  5. Chandler and Rachel
    When Rachel meets Chandler in the first episode, they don't recognize each other and have to be introduced. But flash back episodes show them being introduced to one another multiple times when she was younger. Also, they made out didn't they?
  6. Ross' Conception
    Ross and Monica's dad makes a comment about how he accidentally got their mother pregnant and that is why he and Ross's mom got married. However in season 7, Ross talks about how he was a "medical marvel" because they were told his mother couldn't have kids.
  7. The length of Carol's pregnancy
    Too complex to explain. Check out the flashback episode in season 3 when Carol first tells Ross she's a lesbian.
  8. Rachel says she's known Joey for 8 years
    In the episode where Joey confesses his love to Rachel she says they've known each other for 8 years. Assuming Rachel is maximum 31, that would've meant they met at 23 at the latest.
  9. What happened to the duck and the chick?
    What happened to the duck and the chick?
  10. Chandler and Sports
    In some episodes, Chandler watches/ plays sports with Joey and Ross and is very into them. In others, he jokes about hating sports and not knowing or caring about them. How do you feel about sports Chandler? I need to know.