I'd love your input
  1. Veep
    JLD is a goddess.
  2. House of Cards
    Not sure if I want to think as much as a show that's symbol is an upside down American flag probably requires
  3. Masters of Sex
    So I can giggle when I talk about it
  4. Seinfeld
    But it's not on Netflix...
  5. Broad City
    Netflix issue applies here too
  6. Transparent
    It won an Emmy so
  7. Girl Meets World
    If you have an issue with this option you can go suck an egg
  8. The Walking Dead
    I've tried so many times but watching season one makes me feel like the binge watching dead because I am so bored.
  9. American Horror Story
    Whichever one comes first in Netflix order. Except maybe not the most recent one because the Internet says it was bad I think?
  10. True Detective season 2
    Because Vince Vaughn I'm joking
  11. The Office
    From the beginning. Again. Even the shitty last season.
  12. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Because once is never enough and I bet there's so many jokes that may not have been picked up on on the first go.
    Suggested by @e