"I'm in love with places I've never seen and people I've never met."
  1. Hike the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canyon
    my brother and I talked about doing this when we first visited the Grand Canyon, Im still in awe when I think about it and I want to explore so much more of it.
  2. Go Zip Lining through a Rainforest
    I've only ever zip lines at 5th grade camp and I loved the small thrill so please give me more
  3. Go on an African Safari
  4. Attend the Kentucky Derby
    and yes I want a giant fckn hat and a very cute dress and a well dressed man by my side
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Learn to Scull
    and then what follows is also to own a single and maybe live on a river so I can scull on the river every damn day when it's warm yes please
  7. Go Rafting through Mammoth Caves
    I don't know if normal people can actually do this or if you have to be one of the cave scientists but like how fckn cool would this be
  8. Watch the Henley Regatta
  9. Attend Bastille Day celebrations in Paris
  10. Publish a book of my collected words
    I might call it "Frivolous Cheese" and it would be dumb and no one would read it. But still.
  11. Restore a really really historic home and then live in it
    I don't really have a preference of where it is; perhaps on the banks of the aforementioned river
  12. Get scuba certified