most of these are snapchats and I'm not sorry
  1. Static
    Kat and I got mofckn bunbury tickets heck yes
  2. Static
    my sister dealing out the real ish on easter
  3. Static
    ian doesn't snap me much but when he does they're gems
  4. Static
    "work" emails from faith denny make me so happy
  5. Static
    this is my brother witnessing an install of something I actually helped design!! also my brother is not quick to praise so this was a good moment
  6. Static
    probably the best snapchat I have ever received in my life thus far
  7. Static
    the day I moved away from nashville I lost my perfect room corner where the light was soft enough to make my face look ok and I complained about it to my sister and she sent me this gem
  8. Static
    gabby and I spent like an hour on the food network article about food festivals around the world and I screenshotted every single one to add to my bucket list bc food and travel are maybe the only reasons I have to live ?¿??
  9. Static
    one of my bestest friends got boated for THE Dad Vail regatta and I'm so mad that UC didn't send all our boats this year bc I love philly and wanted to see her race and I would LOVE to actually for once race the vail but I am so so proud of her too she killed it
  10. Static
    why am I so emo ??¿??
  11. Static
  12. Static
    DJ is my favorite hype man ever he pulled this shit twice in like a week outta the blue and it made me smile so much both times
  13. Static
    story of my fucking life
  14. Static
    s/o my dear friend jordino for allowing me to be included in her final analysis project for her maymester class that inspired her to declare a minor in women's studies!! you go jordino I love you!!
  15. Static
    tbh I thought he might've voted for trump but Im too scared to ask him/the rest of the crew then he got a little tipsy and we started talking politics and he reaffirmed why he's one of my best friends
  16. Static
    this one time my sister and I spent 3 days sending nothing but country names back and forth to each other and it all started with this one idk man
  17. Static
    actual photo of gabby and I at bunbury bc gabby moved out the next morning
  18. Static
    me too, bish, me too
  19. Static
    sometimes cav likes to send me scholarly articles to peruse at me leisure jk it's tfm and we laugh about them together
  20. Static
    SKINNY ERGOS ((i'm so sorry))