1. To me: Why don't your students call you MRS Rainwater if you are married? (My paraphrase): Aren't you perpetuating the patriarchy if you say your title matters at all?
  2. To my SIL: I'm concerned about you changing your major from mechanical engineering to International Community Development. No one will hire you.
  3. To me: Wow it seems like being upset that Will Smith is playing a Nigerian doctor in The Concussion is just finding something to be upset about.
  4. To my SIL in her junior year at ORU: ORU has a lot of wackos who go there. You might not get hired because people don't see ORU as a reputable school. (Both people who said this went to ORU and are both successful doctors now)
  5. To everything on the TV: (Somehow finding a way to mock it)
  6. To Star Ward Episodes 1-3 Phantom Edit cut: Wow no one in this film can act. (Excuse me--Natalie?)
  7. To me: You need to quit coaching Model UN. You don't get paid enough to do all of that.
  8. To me: Wow you are grading papers? I would go crazy if I had to do all that work at home.
  9. To me: Samantha is getting gypped (Okay I get that my political correctness seems to be asking for it, but word choice. Seriously?) because she makes no money (Guys come on I'm a teacher I get it. Not a doctor. I don't make any money and was a liberal arts major).
  10. To me: feminism joke.
  11. To Star Wars regarding clone wars: That's a big blow to evolutionists (Wait what? What is being implied here? Scared to find out with more probing questions)
  12. (Update):
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