1. First stop, Reddit
    I like to sort my news by communities of people I don't like and people I do. It's because we're all white male millennials, so it works out.
  2. Next stop, The New York Times
    I feel guilty about spending my time getting current events from r/AskReddit and r/OutOfTheLoop, so let me read a little about what Jeb is up to. I bet he had interns that looked like me.
  3. TOOT TOOT, The Atlantic
    A forceful reminder by Ta-Nehisi Coates that reactionary forces carry the day or a gentle and gratuitous reminder that David Frum was a speechwriter for a Bush? Who am I kidding, I'm here for Derek Thompson videos.
  4. Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga, Al Jazeera English
    Look, the rest of the world gets a voice and that voice is from an American ally in the Persian Gulf with a 3/4 male population.
  5. CHOO CHOO, FiveThirtyEight
    I mean, I don't need math to tell me more about Jeb Bush, but if another white male is saying it, I might as well listen.
  6. And pulling into the final station, Reddit
    This isn't for news, just a little indulgence for staying abreast of the world. Good job, me!