This is why my computer fan is always running loudly. From left to right, over the course of several open desktops.
  1. Episode 37 of a Let's Play video series of Europa Universalis IV, a computer game
    The first desktop
  2. Reddit thread about Civilization V
  3. Wikipedia page of "Ancestral Puebloans"
  4. Wikipedia page of "Calafia"
  5. Painting of Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan from Star Trek
  6. "Professional" gmail inbox
    Second desktop
  7. Co-signer form for an apartment
  8. Khan Academy: 7th grade math
    Third desktop
  9. MyNEU, Northeastern's web portal
    Fourth desktop
  10. Personal email
    Fifth desktop
  11. Facebook
  12. Soundcloud
  13. City-Data profile
  14. Alternate history about Thule Indians of northern alaska
  15. Alternate history about an Islamic state founded by repatriated Brazilian slaves in northern Nigeria
  16. Netflix
    Sixth desktop
  17. Login directly to schedule on Northeastern web portal
    Seventh desktop
  18. Login to Blackboard, an academic website used by Northeastern
  19. Northeastern University course catalog, mathematics department
  20. Login to Northeastern University off campus housing portal
  21. Login to school email