I have room for three classes outside my Econ major and Poli Sci minor and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.
  1. Physics
    Probably the most serious contender with econ when I switched out of architecture. I'd been watching a lot of Cosmos that week and I was feeling inspired. I ultimately chose econ in large part because I'd been slacking intensely in the physics for architecture class I'd been taking at the time and I thought it might be tough to explain to an advisor.
  2. Math
    First semester in my calc 1 class, my professor wrote on a quiz that I should consider switching into math. I laughed at the time because architecture was still feeling like the right place, but the work done in mathematics is both so stimulating and so diversely applicable that I feel like a career spent in that one field would still feel broadly fulfilling.
  3. History
    In high school, me and both my sisters ( @Olivia and @sophiamyszk) had an incredible history teacher. It would definitely be valid to credit some portion of all of our gravitation to the social sciences to how challenging and enjoyable those classes were.
  4. Environmental sciences
    Part of the reason I can find myself so engrossed in economics is the way it describes social systems, by means of exchanges of money or food or goods or what-not. Environmental sciences are almost like that, but placed outside of a social context, like a species' exchange with its biome, or a city with its air and water, or the oceans with the atmosphere. Those macro systems are so fascinating that again, it's something I can definitely believe as a fulfilling career.
  5. Anthropology
    Somehow, 30,000 years ago, these awkwardly upright primates managed to spread out across all the world and develop all these unique and diverse and different ways of thinking and feeding themselves and spending their free time. I'm motivated as much by fear of their disappearance as by awe of the facets of the human experience that those modes represent and if I could spend time learning and documenting and analyzing those ways of life, I'd certainly feel like I'd made a contribution.