Today was a pretty average day, but with an above-average number of things being bummers. I'm actually in a decent mood, though, so who knows. Not ranked by magnitude.
  1. @Olivia leaving for DC this morning
    I will definitely be a good deal more bored this summer.
  2. My co-worker putting the kibosh on my distribution of backpacks to unregistered people.
  3. Same co-worker as well as many volunteers' general suspicion about people coming to a school supply drive.
    No, we are not referencing with other school supply drives to see if anyone is "double dipping". We try not to be assholes like that.
  4. Having to turn away unregistered people with children after said kibosh.
  5. My bike being stolen.
    Not stolen while it was locked up over night, but rather after I had stepped outside and seen it there during lunch.
  6. It raining while I was walking home.
    Less bad than it seems, it was really just a drizzle and it reminded me of Boston.
  7. Getting a lease offer first for an apartment that doesn't include some cool potential roommates.
    A girl reached out to me looking for a fourth roommate and she seemed cool. But I was talking to another realtor and he gave me an offer first, so I'm probably going to have to back out of the first one. Either way I'm letting someone down.
  8. My dog barking at me while I went to the bathroom
    I know you're lonely, little bud, but I need to do this so I don't in my pants.