Not every Smurf gets screen time, but we can tell who some of those unseen Smurfs are, thanks to contextual evidence.
  1. Tattoo Artist Smurf
    Evidence: Hefty Smurf's heart tattoo.
  2. Barber Smurf
    Evidence: Papa Smurf's professionally kempt beard.
  3. Homicidal Beekeeper Smurf
    Evidence: There are no bees in Smurf Village.
  4. Nutritionist Smurf
    Evidence: No fat Smurfs.
  5. Overwhelmed Haberdasher Smurf
    Evidence: They all have hats.
  6. Gynecologist Smurf
    Evidence: Smurfette.
  7. Ethics Teacher Smurf
    Evidence: Surprising non-existence of Smurf-on-Smurf violence in Smurf Village.
  8. Persuasive Atheist Smurf
    Evidence: Lack of religion in Smurf Village, aside from a fairly secular Christmas celebration.
  9. Extraordinarily Efficient Levees Building Smurf
    Evidence: Smurf Village has never been devastated by a hurricane.
  10. Jonas Salk Smurf
    Evidence: No Smurfs have polio.