Best Receiver Options For The NFL Blitz Play 'Da Bomb'

  1. 1.
    Middle Receiver
    The backbone of Da Bomb. If every player does their job, you can hit the middle receiver right as he breaks toward the center of the field. If it all goes according to the playbook, you've got a quick and satisfying touchdown your hands.
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    Left Receiver
    The receiver closest to the middle of the field on a classic Da Bomb - with receivers lined up together on the right side of the field - is usually the team's running back. A quick pass to him as he breaks across the field isn't flashy, but is a safe option that provides decent yardage. If he can break a tackle and get by his defender? Watch out.
  3. 3.
    Right Receiver
    It's just a straight line. He's running in a straight line. It might as well be a Hail Mary for him. The receiver on the far right acts as a decoy, clogging up the right side of the field with defensive backs. It's a shame, given that he's the team's best receiver. If he were to hitch or even stay close to the quarterback for a potential flea flicker, the best play in Blitz could be even better.