Top wedding dresses I want for my wedding

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  1. This one is by far my favorite. Only problems with this one is that it only comes in the color of champagne.
  2. I love the swoop on the neck and the backing! I would possibly have to wear a backless bra, but I don't think I would mind too much.
  3. I like the way this one is more high up on the bust than the rest. I like the buttons on the front, too. It sorta reminds me of an old times dress... Not sure why. Lol :)
  4. I love how the skirt is more tulle than any of the others. It had a nice lace top and the back just pulls it together.
  5. This one has lil' jewels on the sheer top. I also like how it flows outwards.
  6. I like the back on this mostly. It's about the same as the others.
  7. This one has longer sleeves, which is nice, and I like how it kinda comes off the shoulder, too.
  8. This one has tulle in the skirt and lace, but I honestly don't think it'll flatter my figure. The sweetheart line just seems really small. But i like it.