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Instagram has become a gross website, a rip-off of snapchat (because of stories), and a platform for unashamed self-glorification. Here are some examples of people that need to get over themselves.
  1. "Hidden insight ?z #sent"
    While wearing a Gucci t-shirt, and clearly intoxicated. We all knew you in high school. You weren't cool. Stop trying to reinvent yourself. Daddy's money can't make you a better person.
  2. "The element"
    A girl in a bikini at sunset. Clearly fake-candid. You're not enigmatic or artsy. Stop.
  3. "(Day of the week)'s are for the boys"
    Probably a picture of a sausage fest all with their index fingers proudly extended. What are you #1 at, buddy? Poor grammar? There's no apostrophe in pluralizing weekdays. I don't care what autocorrect suggests.
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Words from interesting signs I see on the road
  1. "Blah blah blah, just go to church already"
    The baptist church near my house is sick of the ploys. There's no more reason to try to convince everyone to come, either you buy in to the greatest fictional work of all time or you don't
  2. "Stay in your lane"
    An apt command from a road sign. Too often, people try to come out of their lanes. Be you. Stay the course. And don't, for any reason, cross into my lane because I will flip you off and proceed to pass you.
  3. "Oversized load"
    Me too...
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Stuff (mostly music) I hear in my head throughout the day
  1. Mac Demarco's voice
    Specifically the song "Still Beating". That goofy dude makes some awesome music.
  2. Kilo Kish's voice
    I hear her always.
  3. The beat of "Out of Body"//Gorillaz
    Kilo Kish flows over it, it is haunting and sexy and invigorating
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Rocket League is unequivocally one of the most frustrating games ever, and (clearly) brings out the worst in people. Here are some quotes from infuriated players
  1. Tm8 wyd
    (Teammate, what are you doing)
  2. Uninstall
    Stop playing the game forever
  3. Training is in the main menu
    If someone takes the time to type it, you should prolly go train
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Words that you should know the meaning of, but likely don't, as well as words I encounter whilst reading that I think are cool
  1. Amorphous
    Without a clearly defined shape or form
  2. Peruse
    To read thoroughly (contrary to popular belief, that's the real definition)
  3. Ethereal
    Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world
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I don't necessarily agree with all of the viewpoints presented, but I don't entirely disagree, either
  1. Reality is a farce
    This is a computer simulation of human existence, simulated by the base human race that perfected simulation so intensely that we are capable of free will and thought
  2. The moon is a space station
    Aliens created it to watch over us. The moon is much bigger than it should be for a planet of this size. Also, the craters are all the same depth regardless of width. Freaky.
  3. 9/11
    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
  4. Sweet n sour>BBQ
  1. Heaven's Gate cult
  2. Cult-behavior
  3. The Captain Murphy album "Duality"
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  1. Being cold and wet
  2. Stomach pain of any kind
  3. Poor or too powerful shower pressure
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My mind wanders to rhymes
  1. Dap your whole clan like I'm the fuckin man, palm achin, arthritis in my hand, yours sweatin like a fuckin clam.
  2. She ask me to choke but I'm busy tokin roach smoke til my lungs croak
  3. Got a gaggle of gatlins staggerin backward toward passive aggressive actresses addressin letters to my pack
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  1. "I wasn't even tastin' em I was eatin' em"
    In regards to the many blueberries he just threw in his mouth one by one
  2. "Am I trippin'?"
    After waking up hungover, charging his phone, and seeing that his girlfriend had called him 28 times
  3. "Pretty sure that old guy just put a hex on me"
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