1. Being cold and wet
  2. Stomach pain of any kind
  3. Poor or too powerful shower pressure
  4. Having to wait for food to cool down
  5. Songs I hear but can't remember the name of
  6. Bad dreams
  7. Inspirational quotes on calendars or desktops or stupid, edited pictures on social media
    Because shut up. Nobody cares. You're not inspiring anybody.
  8. Coughing
  9. Being itchy
  10. Alternate spellings of names
    "Aimee", "Jianna", etc.
  11. The few seconds of country I hear when the USB disconnects from my phone momentarily in the car
  12. The airport
    It possesses some weird kind of sadness and emptiness. There's a strange mix of excitement, longing, and the pain that comes with leaving loved ones for a while.