Try-Hard Instagram Captions

Instagram has become a gross website, a rip-off of snapchat (because of stories), and a platform for unashamed self-glorification. Here are some examples of people that need to get over themselves.
  1. "Hidden insight ?z #sent"
    While wearing a Gucci t-shirt, and clearly intoxicated. We all knew you in high school. You weren't cool. Stop trying to reinvent yourself. Daddy's money can't make you a better person.
  2. "The element"
    A girl in a bikini at sunset. Clearly fake-candid. You're not enigmatic or artsy. Stop.
  3. "(Day of the week)'s are for the boys"
    Probably a picture of a sausage fest all with their index fingers proudly extended. What are you #1 at, buddy? Poor grammar? There's no apostrophe in pluralizing weekdays. I don't care what autocorrect suggests.
  4. "Corruption at the highest level #russia"
    A 15 year old kid (who was afraid to drink last year) drinking a beer from his sister's hand. Wow.
  5. "Who got next on the pong table? Cuz you ain't beating us 💯💯"