Stuff (mostly music) I hear in my head throughout the day
  1. Mac Demarco's voice
    Specifically the song "Still Beating". That goofy dude makes some awesome music.
  2. Kilo Kish's voice
    I hear her always.
  3. The beat of "Out of Body"//Gorillaz
    Kilo Kish flows over it, it is haunting and sexy and invigorating
  4. Fragments of Earl Sweatshirt songs
    Sack swinging like dub-d forty on a door hinge
  5. Adderall Admiral//Danny Brown
    You softer than flanderson.... don't make me put hands on son
  6. Lots of Skizzy Mars
    He reminds us all to be juvenile, to live in the moment, and to feel more terrifying feelings too
  7. Mia Wallace
    Don't you just hate that?.....Uncomfortable silences
  8. My mother
    Usually warning me not to do something stupid, which I probably do anyway, just with a weary eye as a result of her warning
  9. The two disparate perspectives in my head
    Usually causing a lack of decision, but they allow me to analyze everything from many angles, and make some objective observations about it
  10. Funtimes in Babylon
    "I would like to abuse my lungs/smoke everything in sight/with every girl I've ever loved"