1. Immediately they are madly in love with you
  2. They seem able to read your mind
  3. They know your fears and weaknesses
  4. They threaten to leave when confronted
  5. They are not easily reachable - most communication is only one way and at their convenience
  6. They are skilled liars
  7. They care prone to emergencies and need money or need sex.
  8. They can't trust anyone - only you .
  9. They seem to only be able to text or call at odd hours
  10. They have no on line presence
  11. Their Facebook is locked down - even to you the love of their life
  12. They seem to only have female friends on their Facebook
  13. They claim to have children but somehow never have pictures of them
  14. When confronted they will skillfully defect your concerns and cause you to doubt your reality.
  15. When confronted they will attack your reality
  16. When confronted they will cry saying that they are a bad person and you are better off without them ( this is the only true thing that they may ever say to you- believe it)
  17. When confronted they may threaten to kill themselves
  18. The more you give - the more they will take
  19. The more you engage the more lost you feel
  20. The more you engage the more separated you feel from friends family and your life
  21. The more you engage the more you hate yourself for being stupid enough to believe such obvious lies
  22. If you are lucky- you begin totals to family , friends and a therapist .
  23. With their support you begin to see that you have been the victim of a predator .
  24. With support , you let go and begin to heal
  25. With support you sue or take appropriate legal action to possibly regain money improperly taken or owed to you
  26. In time you heal, live and open your heart to what you truly have always deserved, authentic love.
  27. Visit dating a sociopath on YouTube for more support