Favorite Photo on My Phone From Each Month of 2015

I got a new phone in March
  1. January
    Oregon just lost the Natty so my Mom wanted to rep my school
  2. February
    I bought Matzos in February cause I couldn't wait
  3. March
    Heroes come and go, but LEGENDS live forever
  4. April
    My school had a Coachella watch party and I really didn't approve
  5. May
    Pretty much all of Albuquerque
  6. June
    Shot a parking ticket. That's about it
  7. July
    Someone tried to write my name in pee, he didn't get too far
  8. August
    I had a big beard one time
  9. September
    When the rainbow was a thing
  10. October
    My brother experienced the beginning and end of Locktober in this chair
  11. November
    Had a great time in Oklahoma this year
  12. December
    I had a Star Wars party once and the guest list was unreal. And yes, I dressed as Anakin from the pod race