1. elaine benes (seinfeld). she will always be my número uno. just the right amount of intelligence, humor, confidence, bitterness towards the world, emotional reluctance, sexiness, paired with just enough bat-shit craziness. additionally, and most importantly - she taught us how to methodically determine sponge-worthiness in men.
  2. sloan sabbith (the newsroom). some of my favorite lines delivered on this show (and there are so many brilliant ones), are delivered by sloan. I feel like "smart + sexy" can be the laziest adjective pairing, but in this case it's so damn accurate. there needs to be a sloan sabbith character study class offered at universities everywhere.
  3. blossom russo (blossom - you know, one of the best TV sitcoms of the early 90's). where my love of hats and tap dance all started.
  4. denise huxtable (the Cosby show). fashion icon then, fashion icon now. also the reason why I would yell at my mother for not pro-creating with a black man, and for having a pale, freckled, pin-straight haired me instead.
  5. all roles (orange is the new black). because surely, a piece of every character (even crazy eyes) exists in us all.
  6. ....this list may grow.