despite how often I get on planes, and how much I love to visit other places, I despise the act of flying. here's why.
  1. it bothers me to see just how many women indulge in celebrity gossip magazines - buying every goddamn cover with varying iterations of the latest kardashian family exploit. it depresses me.
  2. deep sleepers. maybe this stems from envy as I am never able to fall asleep while flying, but I hate deep sleepers on planes. i need to pee damn't!
  3. group travelers. when I see a large group of folks all wearing the same t-shirt, i immediately start to cringe and pray they aren't on my flight. the same is to be said of any groups traveling for spring break. "shut up bruh, we don't care how many body shots you plan to take to the face."
  4. crying babies. I try to be a decent human being and sympathize and understand that I too, was once an annoying, screaming kid. but in such close quarters, with no escape, in the middle of blue skies, my tolerance is non existent.
  5. shitty snacks. this is where JetBlue knows how to treat passengers; their on-flight snacks are next level. other airlines really need to follow suit on that one.