1. My parents. Do they need hearing aids? Are they healthy? Do I need to do more for them?
  2. Did I lock my door? Is the oven off?
  3. Does Betty, my mail lady, get enough water while on her route? Should I leave her a bottle? Is that weird?
  4. Should I hire a housekeeper? Does that make me lazy? Who do I think I am paying someone to clean up after me? Ugh!!
  5. Does Toby Regbo know he will be a big star? Does he have plans after Reign? Am I creeper for caring? Why am I obsessed w this show?
  6. Should I update my earthquake kit? What would I really do if the big one hit? How do I get out of town?
  7. Nicole Kidman seems really happy. Good for her. Gwyneth too! I like that her BF will take a photo w her. I'm so happy for them both.
  8. Did the people at the pool notice I didn't shave my legs? Is that a hostile action? Did I break pool etiquette? I'm sorry rando pool people.
  9. How many tiny spoons are made a year for all the face products? Which tiny spoon goes with which moisturizer?! Are they all made at the same facility?
  10. Do other people wake up to the Hamilton soundtrack on loop in their head?