Everyone who knows me know how much of sports geek I am. So it's only right to kick this off with my personal lists of greatest athletes of all time. Keyword: MY.
  1. 1. Tom Brady
    Football is now the most America's watched and popular sport. Truly modern day gladiator-ship with mythical effect on its fans and on its athletes. So to me it's only right that a football player top this list. 4 SBs, 2 MVPs, 3 SBMVPs, 400+ TDs, two streaks of 100 games started in a row, lowest INT ratio of all time, only 16-0 season in NFL history; the lists goes on and on. but what truly rings over everything else is the competitive nature, amazing perseverance & undeniable clutch factor.
  2. 2. Michael Jordan
    I recently met a older man who had written a sports memoir of his life as expert game better. He had come up with over 10,000 nicknames for athletes across all sports and when I tested him on it, he delivered. Nicknames like "Microwave TV Dinner Forehead" (Peyton hManning) & "Laboratory Rat Face" (Dwayne Wade) were among the many. His nick name for good ol #23? "God". I couldn't agree more. Only reason he isn't number is my clear love affair with TB12 and the Patriots. The GOAT
  3. 3. Mohamed Ali
    The best part about college, outside of all the sex and parties, was having ESPN Classic with our cable subscription. I'm pretty sure I've watched every major fight & documentary and it was truly amazing to see how ahead of his time he was. Speed and Power at 6'4, no one was better. But even more impressive was what he stood for outside the ring.
  4. 4. Michael Phelps
    22 Olympic medals, 18 of them Gold and going for more this summer in Rio. If the olympics has become the standard by which we measure our most elite athletes and in turn, humans, there's no way he is doesn't make this list. Most impressive it seems it's how seems to just be built to swim. The dude is incredible to watch.
  5. 5. Bill Russell
    Single biggest impact of any athlete on any American sports franchise ever. Catalyst and leader of the 11 out of 17 Celtics championships, his ring count is unmatched. All while doing it in a sport where his major nemesis was quite possibly the most dominant player the sport has ever seen, Wilt Chamberlain. Also, a stand out civil rights leader.
  6. 6. Wayne Gretzky
    "The Great One" - need there be more? You know you're a legend when your effect on a sport is so profound that the waiting period for HOF induction is waived to immediately induct you upon retirement. Accolades are many and his impact on the game is still felt today. most of the 40 records he set still stand today as well. Above all, 4 Stanley Cups.
  7. 7. Sugar Ray Robinson
    173-19, 108 KOs, during the early stages of Golden Era of the sport. Another athlete I'm thankful to ESPN Classic for. Sugar Ray was Ali without the loud mouth and one of a kind of personality. And depending on who you ask, a better fighter/boxer as well. I certainly think so. It's too close to call if you ask me. Because of with all our athletes going into basketball and football, gone are the days of great fighters. We will be hard pressed to find guys like these ever again.
  8. 8. Babe Ruth
    Believe it or not it was difficult for me consider babe Ruth for this list as I do feel the game of baseball grew by leap and bounds after integration was allowed. Do believe he was the beneficiary of lack of competition in his time. But you can't argue with the number. 700 homers, bunch of championships and helping establish the Yankees as the most famous sports Franchise of the last 100 years.
  9. 9. Pele
    Jordan, Ali, Ruth, the most legendary only need one name. And none is more recognizable in the history of Futbol than the transcending Brazilian trail blazer that was Pele. I'm by no means an futbol expert but his impact on sports is undeniable. I know greatness when I see it, and few have been as beautiful to watch and have also brought their country the biggest championship of them all, a World Cup. Let alone, 2. Would've love to put messi on this list, but he has yet to achieve that.
  10. 10. Serena Williams
    The lone woman on this and deservingly so. It's clear that no matter sport Serena chose, she would've excelled simply based of extreme competitive nature and dominating physicality. The Shaquille O'Neal of her sport; no has been more a force in tennis than her. And her character of the court just as memorable. A pleasure to watch.
  11. Honorable Mentions Basketball:
    Basketball: Lebron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West
  12. Honorable Mention Football:
    Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Emit Smith, Joe Montona, Jerry Rice, Bart Starr
  13. Honorable Mention Boxing
    Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Leonard, macho Camacho, Floyd mayweather, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier
  14. Honorable Mention Baseball: Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax