I'm a music tastemaker and well known music blogger so you know I am very respected in the industry. I think I got them all but let me know if I forgot any.
  1. Ok go!
    They're a popular band famous for music videos, not their music
  2. One direction
    They are recently down a member but looks like they're still gonna be making great music
  3. Maroon 5
    This is the best band, you guys should all check them out
  4. 5 seconds of summer
    When I was abroad in Australia I lived with the drummers family, they're great musicians but even better guys
  5. Panic at the disco
    Every song they make is a must listen, and contrary to their name they will soothe you and put you in a good mood
  6. Florida Georgia line
    Still been meaning to check them out but hear so many good things from music people I really trust that I'll include them
  7. Greenday
    You will be green with envy at all your friends who listen to this great music if you don't check them out
  8. LA philharmonic
    This is a big orchestra that makes gorgeous music, they have many instruments. If you need vocals in your music this is not for you but you should give them a shot
  9. Pitch perfect
    Not a "band" per se but it's a cool cd that's gonna leave your toe a tappin. You don't have to see the movie to appreciate but it would go a long way
  10. Good charlotte
    Don't let the name sell you short, these boys make great music that you will be sure to not want to miss and you will be humming it a lot
  11. Train
    The worst band on this list but still a great band, you will definitely enjoy their songs esp on a rainy day