I wasn't able to go the List App meet up because I had to headline and close Coachella last night on the main stage. Here are my scattered thoughts.
  1. Really cool to get that off my bucket list
    I think headlining and closing Coachella is a life experience everyone should have, just one of those growing up things.
  2. I was very very nervous!
    Minutes before going on it just sort of hit me at once....you're about to play for 100k people. No turning back now, it's time to make some magic :)
  3. Drake came to wish me luck
    It was actually very chill of him cuz he could have been rude about it, but after he heard I supplanted him he was really cool and encouraging about the whole thing
  4. Writing lyrics on your hands is key
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    I am really bad with lyrics so did this to help. Might have squeezed stuff too tight cuz it was actually kind of hard to read while I was mid performance but oh well, live and learn
  5. Hearing 100k people boo you is an amazing rush
    I walked out and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of negativity coming my way. People were yelling "Where is Drake!" and "we want Drake!" and I had to raise my voice to get them to stop.
  6. Goldenvoice needed to do a better job promoting me/explaining what happened with me taking over the set
    This would have saved a ton of heartache and all this booing. Not that I would change the booing per se bc as I said it was an amazing rush but it also was not the way I had envisioned starting my set.
  7. I think some people in the audience were on drugs?
    I don't know though
  8. I performed in khakis, a tucked in blue button down and a blazer
    This was a mistake. I should have dressed more desert chic and less business
  9. The more prepared material you have the better
    I only had 3 songs but turns out I was expected to fill an hour (yikes!). Luckily due to the Hillary announcement and Jordan Spieth there was a lot of controversial material for me to riff on and chat with the crowd about post singing
  10. It's crazy to be this year's only artist "banned from ever returning to the premises as an artist OR a guest"
    The email I got this morning from Goldenvoice could not have been more stern or mean, but it's unclear how seriously they take this or if they will even remember my banning come 2016. Can't wait to find out!