1. Learning
    Each post and each day I gain more knowledge about what I am doing
  2. Making inroads
    Although it is not clear to me I believe I am doing a great job
  3. Making mistakes but that is life
    This is classic
  4. Having a really good time
  5. Loving all of my new friends
    Cannot wait for the meet and greets, I am down to host and I have a chill spot
  6. I am nervous to press publish!
    I was cooking with gas during the first few but just got hit with a touch of self doubt but I'm sure it will go away
  7. I was loving this list at the start but now I am doubting this list!
    I guess I am going through list app puberty
  8. Should I delete this list or is it still a good list that is sure to boost my list app profile?
    This is an honest question for the community
  9. It's unclear at best but here goes nothing
    Here I am growing up as both a person and a list maker. I am a very impressive young man!