These are the doctors I do not want treating me under any circumstances
  1. The too young doctor
    This doctor might be very smart and a great guy but he simply doesn't have enough years under his belt for me to trust him fully.
  2. The posing doctor
    Again for all I know she is a medical genius, but it troubles me to see her patient over her shoulder patiently awaiting care while she does a photoshoot. Care needs to be first and foremost for me.
  3. The negative doctor
    The absolute last thing I need at the doctor is to be given the finger and all this attitude. It's appalling that this type of doctor even exists.
  4. The baby doctor
    Similar to the too young doctor but an even more drastic problem. Don't be sucked in by the chubby cheeks and cute smile. This is no doctor. This is still a baby and despite the outfit it has (presumably) 0 formal training. This baby is more likely to be a patient than a doctor.
  5. Mr. T
    Do not let the coat and the stethoscope fool you - Mr T is not a liscensed physician and is not to be trusted with your medical emergencies.
  6. The making light of the sample doctor
    Please do not make fun of or take photos with the samples I provide. This is a line very much crossed. These samples are for science and to make sure I am healthy - not for play.
  7. The animated doctor
    This doctor would be totally fine except for the glaring issue that it is ANIMATED. You cannot receive care from an animated object. Avoid avoid avoid.
  8. The doctor with too many friends
    You will probably have to add your doctor on Facebook to see if this is a problem for them, but any doctor that has this many friends is spending too much time socializing and not enough time doctoring. It's good they have a work/play balance, but I don't want my doctor to have one
  9. Barack Obama
    It feels sacrilegious to say but it's similar to the Mr. T situation. Yes he is our president but remember that presidents do not need any sort of medical training. This is not your guy.