1. hot cups of tea
    the act of brewing a cup is like micro-meditation. it immediately snaps the present moment into focus.
  2. or hot cocoa, chai, coffee, etc.
    any warming beverage basically to distract from the boredom that a long day inside suffocates you with
  3. watching a murder mystery on netflix
    especially ones in which the characters have appealing accents (miss fisher's murder mysteries, the bletchley circle, poirot). england especially knows how to nail the beauty of the colder season. also it's fun to watch stylish people wittily insult each other while trying to figure out who killed a world-renowned scientist.
  4. wearing thick wool socks
  5. burying yourself in layers of soft blankets.
    see above.
  6. the promise of christmas
    there's some joy at the end of these grey days.
  7. that's it.
  8. that's literally it.