1. This school has over 40,000 kids and physiology is the second largest major. Why is the building in BFE?
  2. Is everyone too afraid of commitment to make actual appointments? Everyone decided to show up for walk-ins.
  3. Is becoming a preceptor worth it? Pros: GPA boost, letter of recommendation, resume padding. Cons: grading 100 assignments every 2 weeks.
  4. I got stuck with the worst advisor because of my last name. I should have switched to another one earlier on. Is senior year too late to switch to the A-D group?
  5. Why do the athletes get the best advisors? (This is rhetorical - I know the answer to this 😑)
  6. How many items will be on this list until it's my turn?
  7. I should have brought a book.
  8. Do you think she forgot we were all sitting here?????
  9. Giphy