I'm addicted to subscriptions and those new member promotions are directed towards people like me.
  1. Hulu Plus, Commercial Free
    I mean if I'm already paying for Plus, why not just go ahead and get commercial free too? My internet is awful and used to get stuck on the commercials. #firstworldprob. Also, I pay for Plus to watch The Mindy Project and don't feel bad about that one bit. ($12)
  2. Netflix
    Duh ($12). Paying extra so there can be multiple users on.
  3. Spotify
    I used to be okay with commercials, but then they played this one extremely annoying McDonald's jingle for every break and I lost it. BUT It's the student version! I would probably save money just buying the 3 albums I listen to but oh well. ($5)
  4. Ipsy
    A sample of 5 beauty supplies to my door every month. It's like a gift from me in the mail once a month and I always get so happy. ($10)
  5. WSJ
    This was a present for my dad! It goes to his house not mine! ($12)
  6. New Yorker
    I did it for the tote bag. I got so many print magazines after my 12 weeks were over, but my digital subscription stopped working. I got kicked off the site today so I'm going back to pay full price. ($12)
  7. Real Simple
    THIS IS THE BEST MAGAZINE I GET. I love everything. I'm 45 years old, I don't care. They have great recipes and makeup tips and outfit and hair ideas. I don't care. ($15)
  8. Glamour
    I have a magazine problem.
  9. Teen Vogue
    I have repeatedly tried to get this to stop coming to my house. I can't find the charge on my bills or an account on the website. It's a real mystery.
  10. Audible
    Addicted to audible. I try to cancel and they offer me a better deal and I take it. This is a must have because of my long drive to work.
  11. Bon Appetit
    Because food
  12. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them now. 😶